Future Institute Franchise Model

We are offering the opportunity for existing training organizations who wish to run one or more of our courses under a franchise arrangement. The Future franchise system grants our franchise partners full rights to use the Intellectual Property relating to the individual programmes plus access to our international student accreditation systems through our management portal. We offer a full induction training and support for programme for franchisees and staff plus ongoing development of the materials and course content in line with the changing needs of our economy. Download Our Catalogue

To protect the Future brand and maintain the prestigious relationships with our international accreditation partners we can only enter into franchise agreements with organisations with a proven record of high quality training delivery who are prepared to deliver our training in the same style and format that we have developed and deliver in Jeddah. If your organisation has the right background, then the Future Institute franchise could be the right business opportunity for you and your organisation. Send Catalogue to your Email

What are the Future Franchise course options?

The Future franchise has been deigned to enable existing training and commercial organisations to extend their course range by delivering one or more of the Future courses under license for Future International. We have 48 registered short courses plus the range of Future Diploma programmes as listed in the course information fact sheet and so there are two ways in which the franchise can be structured.

Option A - Future Diploma Franchise -

Licensed rights to market and deliver the Future Diploma Programmes with the option to add rights to deliver any of the existing short courses as required

Option B – Future Short Course Franchise –

Licensed rights to deliver up to 5 short courses with the ability to add on rights to deliver additional short courses as required.

What is the Cost of the Franchise?

The Future Franchise Package Fee is costedSR80,500. This covers the cost of eitherOption A or Option B as detailed above.The license for additional short courses iscosted at @ SR5000 per short course for existingfranchisees that want to extend therange of courses available to their students.The license for additional diploma courses iscosted at @SR 22,000 per diploma for existingfranchisees that want to extend the rangeof courses available to their students.

Will the franchisor be granting an exclusive territory?

Commercial franchisees will be granted anexclusive territory re marketing activities forthe SME market and this will be assessedand agreed on an individual basis.

Will the franchisor be providing any initial launch assistance?

Standard templates and examples will be provided but the responsibility to promote the programmes will rest with the franchisees.


Franchisees within KSA will be existing training businesses or existing organisations that already have training facilities.

Operating System

Franchisees will operate using and with access to the FI operating system (via an online portal) and will be required to input all student data and use all of the management tools to operate their franchise

Franchise Agreement

Based on the Future Institute model, Franchisees should be given a 2 years franchise agreement. The franchise agreement will contain a right of renewal (subject to compliance with the terms of the initial agreement by the franchisee).


For Saudi Arabia • 10 Days initial franchise training • 5 Days post training support per programme

Will the franchisor want to be involved in designing the premises, specifying the equipment etc?

Yes, but will only to advise on issues such as equipment and furniture to ensure the programmes are delivered in an appropriate environment. Future will include Pre-franchise sessions to give opening support this includes 1. Premises visit and evaluation 2. Internal Administration role 3. International l Accreditations 4. TVTC Regulations / franchise 5. Business objectives and goals

For how many people is the training to be provided?

Induction training will be provided for up to three people at the franchisors premises – t his will include programme tutors and relevant business support staff who work at the franchisees institution.

Will the training be included in the initial fee and will franchisees be required to pay for travel, accommodation, etc.?

The induction training is part of initial fee and will be provided by the franchisor. Franchisees will be responsible for their own travel, accommodation etc.

Will the franchisor be providing franchisees with ongoing guidance and assistance in relation to the franchise business?

Yes, this will be part of the franchise package.

Will the franchisor be providing a copy of the operations manual?


Will a marketing/advertising fee be charged?

Marketing Fee of 2% of annual income to be paid by franchisee to support central marketing and portal services. 1% will be dedicated to website and portal marketing

Does the franchisor want franchisees to undertake local marketing?

All local marketing to be paid for by the franchisee. Franchisees should budget for a minimum of 3% of annual sales to be spent on local marketing activities.

Are there any other payments to be made?

Only if extra business support is required and this will be provided on a consultancy rate.

How often will the continuing fees be paid?

For all sales made in the preceding month.

Where will the training be provided?

At the franchisees location and at the Future Institute head office.

Will the franchisor receive payment from customers from which the franchisor deducts fees or will franchisees receive payments from which they must make payment to the franchisor?

No. Franchisees receive payment from customers and make payment to the franchisor

Does the franchisor require franchisees to comply with the franchisor’s insurance requirements?

Franchisees must comply with local business regulation and have the minimum insurances as requires by local laws. All staff should be registered with GOSI security system in KSA franchise. Copies of certificates must be emailed to Head office on annual basis

How will the relationships with the external accreditation bodies (Inchbald, Pearson, Mercator..etc.) be managed?

This will be managed by the franchisor and the student details and work will have to be come through the franchisor (with the appropriate external accreditation fees) as part of the franchise model.

Will franchisees need a license?

Franchisees will have to obtain a government license to enable them to operate and deliver the individual training programmes from their premises prior to starting the marketing for the programmes. In the event that the license is not obtained for any reason or is lost at any point during the term of the agreement the franchise agreement will be terminated by the franchisor.

Which markets will the franchisee be allowed to tackle?

Franchisees will be licensed to market and deliver to the consumer market only (individuals). The FI franchisor company retains the rights to the corporate market, although franchisees may be used as part of the delivery mechanism

Who will determine pricing for the programmes?

The franchisor will have a recommended retail price and an upper and lower price point for each programme.

Will there be a minimum performance target for franchisees?

Franchise agreements will contain minimum performance figures re number of trainees per annum. If these figures are not achieved, then the franchisor will have the right (but not the obligation) to either appoint another franchisee in the area or to terminate the agreement.

Future Institute Franchise Questionnaire


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